MLS commissioner Don Garber spoke about the possible future in North America of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi on Sky Sports: "I've heard all the rumors that have been circulating these days, even if none in particular about Ronaldo. I'm sure that sooner or later rumors will come out about him too, but I can't comment on whether one team or the other is actually interested in him. There has been an interest in Messi. We believe a lot though in the formality of the rules so right now he's under contract and then he will decide what to do. It would be great to have someone like him in our league, someone of his stature who can offer us a global platform to talk about MLS, even outside the borders of our countries. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear more voices on Messi in particular."

Sezione: Focus / Data: Fri 25 November 2022 alle 10:42
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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