Sean Johnson is one of the best goalkeepers in MLS and in New York City FC history. His future is still to be decided as Johnson has become a free agent. The will would be to keep him in New York, but the goalkeeper has several teams interested in him. Nothing will be done now, he expects the end of the World Cup, a competition that gives Johnson greater visibility and increases his value.

His stay in New York is far from obvious. The hope is that Johnson will continue to defend New York City FC, but the goalkeeper has many admirers. At the age of 33, Johnson may decide to return to Atlanta, thus approaching home, to try to get the club that gave him the first opportunity back to win.

Another possibility for Sean Johnson is to move to St. Louis City SC, the new team that will participate in MLS 2023. This would be a move more dictated by accepting a new challenge from the NYCFC goalkeeper.

However, everything is postponed to the end of the World Cup, with the hope, let's be honest, to see Sean Johnson again with the New York City FC jersey.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Sun 13 November 2022 alle 23:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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