Unless last minute sensational surprises, Giovanni van Bronckhorst will be the next coach of New York City FC. Already during the past season his name had been linked to New York, rumors that also annoyed Torrent that he was not going through a good time in terms of results. Yet, now more than ever Giovanni van Bronckhorst seems to be the main suspect just to collect the legacy left by Torrent. Giovanni van Bronckhorst is an emerging coach, but he has already achieved excellent results. After starting to coach in the Feyenoord youth academy, in 2015 the Dutch club decides to assign him the role of coach of the first team. In his first year, Giovanni van Bronckhorst wins the Dutch cup. In his second year as coach of Feyenoord, Giovanni van Bronckhorst wins the league. Afterwards, Giovanni van Bronckhorst manages to win again the Dutch cup and two super cups. A great career start for an emerging coach. At the end of the 2018/19 season, van Bronckhorst says to break off his relationship with Feyenoord.

The Dutch coach is waiting for the right call, it could be just that of New York City FC. The City did not choose Giovanni van Bronckhorst only for the excellent results achieved both as a player and as a coach, but above all the club chose him for his ideas of playing. Giovanni van Bronckhorst game starts from 4-3-3, a way of playing that is well suited to the characteristics of the team. His game ideas and style is very similar to that of Torrent. This is an important indication of what the club wants. There will be no revolution, New York wants to give continuity to the good work done by Torrent. Clearly something will change. Giovanni van Bronckhorst and coach Dome are similar but different at the same time. But the changes will be minimal. New York does not want to upset a team that, next year, will aim decisively at the final victory. For this reason Giovanni van Bronckhorst seems to be the right coach for New York. Winning coach with the right ideas, Giovanni van Bronckhorst has all the right components to do well even as coach of New York City FC. 

Sezione: Focus / Data: Mar 19 novembre 2019 alle 20:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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