Another away game for New York City FC who will finish their long tour away from New York in Florida. The Blues take on Orlando, in a match between two teams who are experiencing a similar period. New York can no longer win away, while Orlando struggles a lot at home and in the end both have the same points in the standings.

What worries a lot is the physical and mental condition of the team. Not winning hurts, there is a danger that New York City FC may feel discouraged, that players may take the field thinking they are already defeated by their opponents. The psychological backlash could be heavy and even more because New York City FC comes to this match against Orlando even after losing the Hudson River Derby.

The defeat in the most important match of the year may have left negative aftermath within the team. The distrust in the group is already quite evident, having lost the derby could have brought down the spirit of the team even more.

There is a serious risk that New York City FC could end this long road trip without ever winning. There is also the strong risk that the club could make decisions about the future of Nick Cushing who are no longer sure of his position as head coach. We'll see, in the hope that New York City FC can find the victory to turn its season around.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Wed 17 May 2023 alle 19:14
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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