90' Four additional minutes

88' Yellow card for Edelman

87' It's the time ok Keaton Parks. Out Acevedo

85' Yellow card for Casseres

80' Change also for RBNY: Luquinhas has been replaced by Reyes 

71' Another change for NYCFC: leave the field Talles Magno, in his place Andrade

66' Substitutions for RBNY: Fernandez takes over from Clark, and Barlow takes over from Elias Manoel

63' Yellow card for Maxi Moralez

61' Change for NYCFC: Haak enters in place of Pereira

53' Johnson saved NYCFC

46' Yellow card for Acevedo



45' Four additional minutes

40' Attempt of RYNB! The kick ends out, Sean Johnson in full control 

38' IT'S OFFSIDE! RYNB's goal canceled!

37' The referee checks the regularity of the goal at the Var, an offside position is suspected

36' GOL RYNB! Elias Manoel brings the Red Bulls back into play

28' Yellow card is shown to Nealis

27' Incredible opportunity wasted by Rodriguez! The player is good at winning the ball but then he is too altruistic, instead of shooting the goal he prefers to pass it to a teammate and the opposing defense recovers

25' Yellow card is shown to Lewis Morgan

22' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Santiago Rodríguez collects the best of Pereira's assist, controls the ball in the area, and cold Coronel

17' Wonderful assist of Pereira for Telles Magno but Coronel anticipates the attacker

15' Injury for Gabriel Pereira who suffers severe pain in his ankle

11' Chance for RYNB! Cristian Cásseres Jr right footed shot from outside the box

1' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! CALLENS SCORED!! Alexander Callens header from the right side of the six-yard box to the bottom right corner



NYCFC (4-2-3-1): Johnson; Grav, Chanot, Thiago Martins, Callens; Maxi Moralez, Acevedo; Telles Magno, Rodriguez, Gabriel Pereira; O'Toole.

BENCH: Amundsen, Tinnerholm, Latinovich, Barraza, Jasson, Parks, Pellegrini, Thiago Andrade, Haak.

MANAGER: Nick Cushing

NYRB (3-4-3): Coronel; Duncan, Nealis, Long; Clark, Casseres, Edelman, Tolkin; Luquinhas, Elias Manoel, Morgan. 

BENCH: Nealis, Amaya, Reyes, Sserwadda, Barlow, Meara, Ndam, Carmona, Fernandez.

MANAGER: Gerhard Struber

Welcome to the Hudons River Derby!

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Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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