New York City FC is working to set up the 2023 roster. First of all though, NYCFC has to find the solution with some players already inside the roster. We clearly reference Sean Johnson and Alex Callens. The two players' agreement with the club was to talk about the future after the World Cup in Qatar, well here we are.

New York City FC's successful recent years are closely tied to both. For this reason, the club must do everything to conclude agreements with current free agents to keep them in New York. It is also clear that as operations they will not be very cheap, but NYCFC's priority is to keep both in New York.

Their performances were instrumental in the team's victories. They are two veterans, it will be important to keep them also for the experience they have in the locker room. With Tinnerholm's departure, New York City FC has lost a piece of its history. Letting Johnson and Callens go too could penalize the team in terms of character.

Also for this reason NYCFC must do everything to keep them in the Pigeons for more years of great successes.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Thu 15 December 2022 alle 14:00
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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