The announcement of the construction of the new stadium brought joy and happiness among New York City FC fans. The good news that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived: New York City FC will have its new stadium. We talked about it often, especially in every offseason we always came back to talking about the stadium issue. NYCFC takes a leap forward with building its own home.

In fact, a new stadium can have a very positive effect on the fans but also on the team. Having your own stadium creates a greater sense of belonging, giving a precise identity to the team and club. It is one thing to change your home often (NYCFC did it by dividing itself between Yankee Stadium. Citi Field and Red Bull Arena), but having your own stadium is quite another. A point of reference for the fans, but also for the players. Anyone who will (hopefully) wear the New York City FC shirt for 2027 will have the privilege of doing so in an entire stadium of the club.

We do not want to dwell on the mere economic aspect. We want to see everything from a sporty and romantic side. Let's think about the most famous stadiums in the world. La Bombonera in Argentina is the stadium of Boca Juniors, it is defined as a monument. In Spain they are the Santiago Bernabeu for Real Madrid and the Camp Nou for Barcelona. Moving to Italy there is San Siro for AC Milan and Inter Milan, the Stadium for Juventus, the Olimpico for Rome and Lazio. Looking at MLS, just mention LAFC's Banc of California. All places that have given a precise identity to fans, teams and clubs.

Whoever plays against New York City FC will have the difficult task of doing so in the Pigeons' own stadium. This can be an added value for New York and a major problem for those who will play as opponents in the new stadium.

New York City FC will very soon have an even stronger identity than it does now, all thanks to the new stadium.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Sat 19 November 2022 alle 23:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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