New York City FC grabbed their second straight win at Yankee Stadium. After an uninspiring start to the season with one loss and one draw, the Blues managed to rack up two wins in a row. However, the last game played and won against DC United has a particular flavour. NYCFC has in fact found its striker again. Talles Magno found his first goal of the season and this is perhaps the most important news at the moment for the Blues.

It was very important that Talles Magno found the goal early. He is not a natural number 9, yet right on goal the movement he made was like a true striker. Magno played the whole game from 9, proving to have improved a lot in that position. Cushing and his staff have worked very hard and the first results are coming. Magno is too important a resource for New York, his goal not only allowed the team to win but also gave great confidence to the whole environment.

The team now has more awareness in the offensive phase. Talles Magno's goal is extremely important because it gives the team even more certainties. The danger that the Blues' attack was not competitive was and remains real. But Magno's goal, his movements and his game bode well for the team, its coach and the fans.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Mon 20 March 2023 alle 17:36
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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