Nothing new in New York City FC. There are no news on the coach front, on who will be the next coach of the Blues and, consequently, there are no news even on the market front. Complicated and complex situation. As the days go by, everything risks becoming more and more difficult. The New York City FC market depends entirely on who will be the team's next manager. It is true that the sports director will carry out all the negotiations, but the main input will come from the new coach. The one who will be the next coach in New York will give precise indications on what type of players he wants, their characteristics, to best adapt to the form of the new coach. For this reason, the coach's current empty box must be filled as soon as possible with the name of the coach who will be driving New York next season. In fact, the name of the new coach is the first step in building a strong and competitive team.

Once you know who will be the coach New York City FC, then officially start the market, will outline the strategy of the club and what will be the impression that the coach will give to the team. But there is a hurry. The new season is still weeks away, but time passes quickly and there is the risk of building a team quickly and with unclear ideas, thus running the risk of making mistakes in the market phase. Mistakes that New York City FC does not want to make, to give continuity after a positive season and maybe get to win something important.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Lun 23 dicembre 2019 alle 15:43
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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