New York City FC has started the pre season in Orlando but the team is a work in progress. It is in fact evident that the team needs reinforcements. In the space of a few weeks, New York has seen the most important players, the leaders, those who have written the history of the club in recent years leave the club. A real re-foundation is underway.

It is therefore evident that New York City FC has reset and wants to open a new cycle. We don't know if Sean Johnson will be part of it, whose future is still to be deciphered. Contacts between the club and the goalkeeper are still ongoing, while Toronto FC has already presented an offer to Johnson who has to make a decision. Alex Callens now seems to be the next betrothed of Boca Juniors.

There is therefore a high risk that two other key players could leave NYCFC. If this should happen, then we will have the confirmation that the club has decided to start a profound re-foundation and that next season's objectives will not be to play in a top championship aiming for final victory but to play a decent championship.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Tue 17 January 2023 alle 21:06
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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