Agreement has been reached for the resumption of the MLS, but there is still no precise date. In the meantime, however, the players' strike has been averted, so the MLS will resume with a different format. In fact, the MLS will resume in Orlando, a tournament will be held but the modalities and details are still unknown. Even if the date of the MLS restart is not known, the teams have started to resume training to arrive in Orlando in good physical condition.

NYCFC returns to training

New York City FC has therefore returned to training. Players started to arrive at the training ground with gloves and masks, and then they have had individual workouts. Subsequently, after a few days, the Blues started to do regular group workouts. Clearly, the team is training following all precautions to avoid other infections. These are simple small steps towards a return to normality.

Doubts about the physical condition

New York City FC then started training again for the resumption of the season which is expected to occur in early July. The stopping of the championship due to Covid changed all the teams' work plans. This also forced the City to review its working method. The players stayed home for months. Many of the team have kept fit at home, but it is completely different from regularly training on the field. All players therefore need time to find the right rhythm and good physical shape. This long forced break will force Ronny Deila's staff to start a sort of preparation for the championship. New York held a sort of preparation already carried out in Dubai. What will start in July will be the real beginning of the MLS season. New York City FC is approaching that date, hoping to get there with the team that has a good physical condition to better face the season, a new start of the MLS 2020.

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