New York City FC is ready to bet on Heber again. The Brazilian is following his recovery program from a serious knee injury. Although Heber won't be available until at least July or August, New York City FC is confident of his full recovery. It is unlikely that NYCFC will sign a number 9 star. Possible rather that the Blues can sign a player who can be a complement with Heber who has all the respect and trust of the club.

It is clear that NYCFC needs more strikers. Until a few weeks ago, big names were approached to the team. But the club's philosophy is different. The Blues don't look at the 'names', but at the players and their physical form. There is a radical change in MLS. If previously there were players at the end of their career, now the teams are looking for players to launch in Europe. New York City FC will move in this direction, while trying to maintain the level of the team to be able to fight until the end for the victory.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Mon 29 March 2021 alle 22:08
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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