Bitter debut for New York City FC which was defeated 2-0 in the debut match against Nashville. It's not easy to judge this game. On one side was a team (Nashville) with a lot of enthusiasm. On the other (NYCFC) is clearly a team still under construction. The Pigeons have changed profoundly during the market, many leaders have left New York which instead has focused on young people who need time.

However, it is evident that this team not only needs time but also new players. NYCFC is a team that still lacks depth, despite Cushing having worked hard on this during the pre-season. NYCFC managed to make themselves dangerous in this match, but only with long shots. The team has never managed to build important and dangerous actions, as the opponent has managed to do by making the most of NYCFC's mistakes.

Chanot manages to intervene in the first goal at first, but then he is not followed by his teammate Thiago Martins who only leaves Zimmerman completely free to score the first goal. The second goal, on the other hand, stems from a mistake by the very nervous Thiago who miscalculated Haak's pass, leaving Mukhtar free to fly towards the New York defense, the defense went all over him, leaving only Shaffelburg who scored in the simplest possible way the second goal.

His defense is therefore not flawless, often at the mercy of the opponents' plays. Attack instead that he failed to give depth to the team, never a through ball but only shots from a distance.

Not the best start to the season but with an important theme: there's really a lot to work for Cushing.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Sun 26 February 2023 alle 11:08
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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