Another disappointment on the road for New York City FC who also lost in the US Open Cup against FC Cincinnati. Cushing's team can't perform at their best away from New York and this is becoming a real problem.

New York City FC had never lost in Ohio to the Orange and Blue. Nick Cushing tried to shake him up by changing seven elements from the previous match. No way, New York City FC lost again.

This time at least the Blues' start to the match was positive, probably the team would have deserved to score. But the goal was scored by FC Cincinnati in the second half, the goal that decided the match.

NYCFC still can't unlock on the road and that's a big problem. The team's next match will be the biggest of the year, the Hudson River Derby which City will play on the road.

The hope is that NYCFC can finally unlock itself, perhaps even against the Red Bulls. Let's try to be optimistic, but the bleeding away from Cushing's team causes concern and not a little.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Thu 11 May 2023 alle 13:40
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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