Exactly one week to go before the New York City FC pre-season starts. On March 8 players and staff will gather, after the quarantine period, to officially start the new season of MLS. Although the period is not the best due to the pandemic, there is excitement to see the Pigeons return to work. Especially among the fans, who have not seen their favorites for a long time and who have received little news except on the players' social networks.

There is curiosity around the team, but above all there is expectation for the new players who will arrive. The hope was to see some new players already on the first day of pre-season, but again there will be only Malte Amundsen from the Danish team of Vejle. New York City FC has in fact made official the arrival of only one player, despite the various sales already formalized. For Ronny Deila and his staff it would have been advantageous to start the pre-season with the team at least 90% complete. Instead, it will not be so. The pre-season will come with the team under construction.

It will not be easy for the coach from New York to be able to amalgamate the group. In fact, several players will have to arrive and the danger could be that of having them all available too late, just before the start of the championship.

This situation would complicate Deila's work. In fact, the new players will need time, even more if they come from Europe, to be able to adapt to the new championship and the new reality.

The hope is that New York City FC will be able to close some purchases early in the pre-season, to facilitate Deila's work in presenting a competitive team from the beginning of the championship.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Mon 01 March 2021 alle 17:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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