David Lee answered questions from fans. Impossible not to mention the departure of the many players who made history of the club: "We want to thank the players who have gone away for what they have done with NYCFC. They have been incredible players to us, and fantastic ambassadors to the community and we have loved how they have improved with us, and of course, we were sad not to see them stay with the club. We knew it would be an incredible challenge to keep these players and we knew going into the 2022 season it would be a challenge. Many players had their contracts running out but we had the confidence that we could compete and try to win again like we did the previous season and we came very close to playing in the final for the second time in our history. We really wanted to keep that group of players together to compete for yet another trophy. These players have grown up with us and we needed to balance the age of the squad".

Sezione: Focus / Data: Tue 21 March 2023 alle 07:00
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