After the loss vs Houston Dynamo, New York City FC wants to get back to winning ways against New England Revolution. A match, according to Nick Cuhsing, which will not be easy: “They are a very physical team, a team that wants to try to disturb our rhythm, either with the way they play – going long, carrying the ball wide – or with the 'be physical when we have the ball, and trying to interrupt our game.

“It's a challenge, but the nature of our league is that every time you go away, it's a challenge. I think we're probably looking at the Houston game more than the New England game the way we want to be better…

“We know New England is going to be an incredible challenge, but we know that if we are better than we were in Houston, we have a good chance of getting some points. There are areas of our game that we know that if we improve, we will become a much better football club."

Sezione: Focus / Data: Thu 30 March 2023 alle 22:53
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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