The name of the next New York City FC coach remains unclear. Giovanni van Bronckhrost remains the main suspect to succeed Domenec Torrent. But there is still no news about it. A quiet situation, perhaps too much, which threatens to compromise what will be the New York market. The new players who arrive, will be clearly worked by the sporting director, but the new coach will also be decisive as he will have to indicate which players can be functional to the team. But without a coach, all this is clearly not possible. For this reason, the delay of the announcement of the next coach of New York City FC risks having negative repercussions on the team and on market operations. It is not a simple situation at all. There is too much uncertainty about who will be the next New York coach. Clearly, we hope the club is working with lights off, without giving resound to news on possible negotiations with free coaches. Indeed, we believe that the club is working in this direction, but now it's time to close, otherwise you may make a market without direction and give off the new season in the worst possible way.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Gio 12 dicembre 2019 alle 18:33
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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