New York City FC never ceases to amaze us. After a really bad period, in a few days, he was able to win the Campeones Cup first, shortly after this came the success of the Blues in the Hudson River Derby.  

New York City FC won the match against the Red Bulls with merit. Cushing's team dominated the whole game, from the first to the last minute. Not even the time to play the first ball of the game Alex Callens finds the goal of the advantage with a header. 

The Red Bulls feel the pinch and fail to react. The City pushes in search of the second goal that arrives at 23' when Rodriguez is good at realizing Pereira's good assist. 

New York City seems to have no intention of stopping. The team is good in the two phases: the defense is perfect with a Chanot in great shape that slows down any opponent's initiative. Pereira, Rodriguez, and Maxi Moralez do what they want in the attack. Sean Johnson never really gets busy. 

The scare for the New York goalkeeper came in the 37th minute when the Red Bulls scored the goal Elias Manoel. The Bulls celebrate, but the referee cancels the goal after the Var control: clear offside, a result that remains 2-0 for the Blues. 

In the second half, RBNY tries to build something more, but in the end, they never manage to make themselves dangerous on Sean Johnson's part. New York City FC controls the entire second half. The team is good at dribbling and never goes into pain. There are no particular occasions in the second half, the City manages the match and wins the Hudson River Derby. 

Sezione: Focus / Data: Sat 17 September 2022 alle 21:12
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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