Who will be the next New York City FC captain? Lawful question. Alex Ring has been let go, the Pigeons are currently without a captain (unless they have already chosen his replacement without communicating it). We don't know who will take Ring's place, but for sure he will have to be a player of charisma and who fully represents the team, the club and the city.

Based on experience, Sean Johnson would be the first ever to deserve the captain's armband. The goalkeeper has been in New York since 2016 and is the one who has racked up the most seasons in MLS, 11. He could be the captain, even if it would be better if the captain were an outfield player, at least that's our thinking.

Another player vying to be the next captain is Maxime Chanot. He is also one of the most experienced on the team and has been playing in New York since 2016. Chanot is one of the backbones of the defense and the team. He is a charisma player, one of the most suitable also to go and talk to the referees on the pitch.

Another charismatic player who perhaps best embodies the spirit of New York is Anton Tinnerholm. The Swede is one of the best in recent years, he has great fervor and competitive spirit, always ready to give everything for the team. His name could probably be the most popular as a future captain of New York.

Lastly, but only because we are moving forward by role, there is Maxi Moralez. She has been in New York since 2017, she is the star of the team and is also the oldest player on the roster. Maxi has what it takes to be the next captain of New York City FC.

So who will be the next captain? We don't know, but according to our predictions he should come out among one of the aforementioned names.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Dom 28 febbraio 2021 alle 22:53
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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