There could be no more wrong choice than to trade Alex Ring. After four years the captain goes to Austin FC, a transfer that shocked all the fans. This transfer market operation does not put a good light on the club that has shown that it wants to give priority to business. We know very well that soccer teams are companies, but certain choices could be more considered.

Unfortunately we will no longer see Alex Ring with the NYCFC shirt. Many hoped that, if he was to be trade, Ring could return to Europe. But no. Ring will return to New York but only as an opponent. An even bigger shock for the Blues fans who will still have to see Ring in the MLS. In order not to miss anything, Ring at Austin FC will also meet Ben Sweat and Claudio Reyna. It will not be easy to digest this trade, because Ring was not a simple player but he was the 'player' who was also the glue with the fans. He had created a sense of belonging, love for a team that unfortunately never gives complete satisfaction. And now here's another disappointment.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Lun 21 dicembre 2020 alle 23:32
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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