New York City FC continues to be a construction site. It is clear to the team that several pieces are still missing. The departures of important players have been many, perhaps even too many. Now the club must try to replace these players even if it will not be an easy task. In particular, it will be virtually impossible for New York City FC to replace Maxi Moralez.

New York City FC had Rodríguez available to replace Maxi, but in the end the player returned to Montevideo City Torque. Maybe New York could do a little more to keep him. Now the Blues have a void in the middle of the field that is really difficult to fill.

Let's face it, replacing Maxi Moralez is an impossible undertaking. In the last few years of MLS he was the best ever in that role. For this reason, finding a ready player of that level is really difficult. New York City FC will make every effort (we hope) to strengthen the team especially in that role. It is also likely that the club will focus on developing a young player to get him to Maxi's level. A long and difficult journey, with New York City FC likely to find themselves without such an important player in that position all season.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Tue 07 February 2023 alle 23:11
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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