There are just a few days left until the new MLS season begins. On February 25, New York City FC will play on the road against Nashville. Finally, the championship is about to start again, but there is still concern around the team. It is evident that the team is still incomplete and that there is an extreme need to add new players to the roster made available to Nick Cushing.

Time is running out and New York City FC continues to be a construction site in progress. Barring sensational news, the feeling is that the Blues will start the season with this roster. In our opinion, it was important at least to insert a couple of players for the week now so that Cushing could work with them and they could fit into the team's mechanisms in the best possible way. It didn't go like this and probably no other players will come by now.

Some reinforcements have arrived, but at least two players are missing in two fundamental roles. Let's talk about Maxi Moralez and Heber's replacements. New York City FC has not replaced these two heavy losses. At the start of the championship, therefore, NYCFC is inevitably weakened. The club decides to focus on young people, and make them grow and in this, the work of the coach will be fundamental, but also of the veterans who remain in the team. It will be an intense season for Maxime Chanot, Alfredo Morales and Thiago Martins, the three most experienced players in the group. All of them will have the task not only of carrying out important performances on the pitch but also of promoting the inclusion of new and younger players in the team.

Certainties of New York City FC are therefore the veterans of the team. There doesn't seem to be much apprehension at the club (will any new players arrive?) but in our opinion, the team is incomplete and therefore it is legitimate not to be so calm given the start of the season.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Mon 13 February 2023 alle 21:46
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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