If it's not a disaster, we're close. New York City FC is not yet the worst team in the Eastern Conference but only because Inter Miami is doing worse.

Against FC Cincinnati it was supposed to be the redemption game and instead it turned out to be the disaster game. The Blues have lost again and now the crisis has become a reality.

Once again we saw a team eager to do things, which had started the game in a positive way but then melted away in the face of the strength and cynicism of their opponents. FC Cincinnati capitalized on every opportunity it had by making the most of New York's defensive uncertainties and the sterility of its offense.

It seems to be the middle of the night for New York which is in a crisis both in terms of play and results.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Thu 01 June 2023 alle 23:26
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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