Only one goal in the first two games, one draw, and one defeat. New York City FC's start to the season has certainly not been the best, the ones that will remain, so to speak, in the history of the club.

The choices made by the club in the off-season somewhat announced that it would be a season of extreme difficulty for City and the first two games have already highlighted this. There's clearly plenty of time to change that trend, but it's clear that New York City FC has major roster gaps that haven't been filled.

Sands and Rodriguez bring more experience

However, we must also mention the positive aspects. The last-day arrivals of James Sands and Santiago Rodriguez greatly improved the Pigeons' midfield. Two players have arrived (or rather returned) who have experience and have matured in their respective recent experiences. Sands has dealt with Europe, he has played in both the Champions League and the Europa League. He's a grown-up player and this will be good for the team which is full of young players and lacks experience. The same can be said about Rodriguez who was, without a doubt, one of the best players last season in New York. He too brings more experience but also more unpredictability to the team. Despite this, however, it is clear that New York City FC would have needed more players.

NYCFC is without real strikers

In the first two games played, NYCFC scored only one goal with Gabriel Pereira. It is very evident that this team lacks a real striker. Talles Magno is very adapted to that role and doesn't have the nose for the goal of the classic 9. It is no coincidence that a midfielder scored, also because the game expressed so far by Cushing's team is played mainly by midfield players, who reach the shooting from afar and who try to make themselves dangerous with insertions.

We need a striker who can also be able to collect crosses coming from outside and who risk having to always play the ball backward or attempting personal actions not having a striker ready to score goals.

Good that Sands and Rodriguez are back, but this team needed a real striker. A non-arrival that risks jeopardizing the whole season right from the start.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Tue 07 March 2023 alle 22:26
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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