The MLS is currently stopped, officially for at least 30 days, but an even longer stop is looming. Clearly, the Coronavirus emergency takes precedence over soccer. But speaking exclusively of soccer, also to deviate our mind a little from on what is happening, you wonder when the championship will resume and in which conditions the various teams will return. Looking at China, Coronavirus started from there, it took at least two months to try to resume activities. It must be said that the measures taken by the government have been much more restrictive than those taken to date by the US.

In Italy, the second most affected country in the world, the measures are restrictive and, even if the infections are there every day, there is a slight decrease that bodes well. But even there, everything is stopped at least until April 3. In Italy, the championship is expected to start again in May, taking all necessary precautions, but also to allow teams to find a good physical shape.

What will happen with MLS? We do not know, much will depend on the restrictive decisions that will be taken by the government. It will certainly not be played for many weeks, during which players will have to try to maintain good physical shape. In fact, the question is how they will look when MLS starts again. He will not be able to start all over from one day to the next. The teams will have to recover the right physical condition, and it will be very important for the players to continue training at home.

This is exactly what New York City FC is doing. Each player is working to keep himself in good shape following the instructions of the coach and his staff. It will be important to get fit when it is time to go back to playing. New York City FC also started the season badly with two defeats in as many games, as far as MLS is concerned. Being found in good condition is therefore essential to start in the right way after the negative start. The situation is not easy of course, but New York City FC is doing his best not to panic and continue to work to maintain a good condition, which is critical for when the team will be back on the pitch.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Mar 17 marzo 2020 alle 18:43
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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