Manchester City managed after so many years to achieve what has always been the main goal, to win the Champions League. A dream that came true last Saturday when, thanks to Rodri's goal, City beat Inter and thus won their first Champions League title in their history. A goal that could open new horizons and that could also involve New York City FC.

Many players will leave Manchester City

After winning the Champions League, many players will leave Manchester to try to reach other goals in other clubs. None of them will arrive in MLS, but it is clear that, in the event of many transfers, City will be a team that will not start from scratch but almost. With the victory of the Champions League, Manchester City closed a cycle. The owner's idea is to keep winning, but it will be necessary to spend more money and it won't be easy to repeat a feat like this year's.

What will Pep Guardiola do?

Pep Guardiola will also have to decide what to do. For some time, the Spaniard has expressed his willingness to stay in Manchester, but the scenarios could change. 2024 could be Guardiola's year at NYCFC. The World Cup in the USA is near, the new stadium in New York will soon be ready. Guardiola would always remain in the group, but this time he will detach himself from the European pressure to try to win in America too, in a much calmer atmosphere than that of the Premier League.

Leo Messi's landing at Inter Miami FC could also favor Guardiola's arrival in New York. The idea of meeting up as opponents is very fascinating. The next few days will be decisive for understanding what the future of Pep Guardiola and therefore also of NYCFC will be.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Tue 13 June 2023 alle 13:28
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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