MLS is preparing to embrace Lionel Messi. Inter Miami FC has probably closed the coup of the century by finding an agreement with the Argentine champion who will enrich not only Beckham's team but the whole movement. Messi has also shown in the last year that he has not yet reached the end of his career. It's clear that it's not what we admired at Barcelona, but in the last season Messi won first the World Cup and then Ligue1, still proving to be one of the best, if not the best in the world.

What brings Messi to MLS?

Surely the arrival of Messi in the US from yet makes the championship more spectacular, in addition to the fact that many from more different countries will start watching the MLS. They didn't do it before, now with Messi they have a valid reason to start watching soccer. Also, we are approaching the next World Cup which will be played right in the USA. Having Messi here is a fantastic sponsor for the whole movement, Messi is able to attract many people from all over the world, ironically even those who don't follow football. A fact that confirms this are the followers on the social networks of Inter Miami FC who, since the announcement of Messi's arrival, have increased fivefold, even surpassing those of the Miami Heat.

Messi's landing in MLS could also open the doors of the championship to other champions. There are already rumors about the possible arrival of Luis Suarez, his former Barça teammate, in Miami. Griezmann is another player who loves the United States and it wouldn't surprise us to see him in MLS. Neymar is also one of the suspects to play in America.

The downside of having Messi in MLS

However, there are not only positive aspects. Messi's arrival fills Inter Miami FC's coffers but empties those of the fans. Tickets have already skyrocketed. Do you want to see Messi? Then you have to pay. This is the live motive of the moment. In every stadium where Messi will play with Miami, ticket prices have increased. It is worth seeing such a champion, but it is clear that the clubs are taking advantage of this. It's nothing new, a similar thing happens for big matches in Europe too.


Sezione: Focus / Data: Tue 13 June 2023 alle 08:30
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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