Sebastian Ibeagha spoke to Ian Joy of YES Network: "I am trying to stay active and keep in action. I am working hard on my fitness. We were not ready for this crisis, but I try to keep fit by training. I try to train, but I lack competitiveness".

How do you communicate with your teammates? "We talk every day, we also play a lot of video games, we are in contact".

Will there be a new appreciation for soccer? "Yes, before I trained and did other things, now I have nothing else to do. I think many will realize more their love for soccer".

On his career: "I have always been very hungry for football and doing well. It was tough but I did it thanks to those who trained me."

Sezione: Focus / Data: Mer 29 aprile 2020 alle 14:29
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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