After the two-week break, MLS returns with the eagerly awaited Hudson River Derby. The Blues will play at Yankee Stadium and the latest home games have shown that New York City FC can overcome any difficulty thanks to its fans. The Yankee Stadium crowd is always very warm and loud. Cushing's team will need the full support of their fans. The Derby is always a particular match, we can define it as a match in itself, completely different from the others.

It will be a complicated, tense match, probably decided by an episode or a flash of genius. However, it will certainly be exciting for the players on the pitch, which is why the team will need the support of its fans. In Derbies, tactical ideas and schemes may not be enough, they could be canceled out by the environment, by the progress of the match. The Derby is exciting, the fans are ready to give all their support to make New York City Blue once again.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Wed 13 September 2023 alle 20:48
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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