New York City FC badly needs to add players to its roster. In recent weeks and months, the team has had a real hemorrhage of players who have slowly left the club.  Very important players on the field have left, but also fundamental ones in the locker room. It will probably take years before the team can get players of this caliber again. In the immediate future, however, New York City FC needs new grafts.

It is clear that the team has many gaps to fill in almost all roles. In particular, the team finds itself without a real number 9. After the farewell of Taty Castellanos, Heber also said goodbye to New York. The last season Cushing buffered the absence of a real striker by having Talles Magno play from 9. The experiment was partially successful, even if Magno is not a true natural 9.

The feeling is that Cushing will start the season as he finished last year, with Talles Magno number 9, but it is clear that New York still needs at least another couple of forwards. Kevin O'Toole can also play in that position, who performed well last season when he was called into question.

But the season is long, there are many games to play and New York City FC will also have to deal with injuries and suspensions. Two forwards and not with the natural role are really too few for a team that is in reconstruction but which is clearly late for the addition of players.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Thu 09 February 2023 alle 12:54
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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