Vicotor Wanyama leaves CF Montreal. Once his contract with the Canadian team has ended, the powerful midfielder will not continue his career in Quebec. Wanyama himself had announced it a month ago, even before the MLS season was due to end.

After three years, CF Montreal and Wanyama part ways. The midfielder was immediately one of the leaders of the team. But the desire to change is great, so Wanyama is preparing to change clubs.

The midfielder, before the experience in Canada, played in the Premier League with Tottenham. Wanyama is an experienced player who knows English football well. His return to England is therefore not excluded where he continues to have many admirers. On the other hand, so far Wanayama has been one of the most representative players of CF Montreal but also of the entire MLS. It is therefore clear that American teams are also showing interest in the player.

New York City FC might have a thought about him. Wanyama has one-of-a-kind features about him. Adding him to Nick Cushing's roster would bring greater physicality to a 'light' midfield like that of New York. Wanyama within the Pigeons midfield would also allow the team to be ruthless in attack. With him behind them, the strikers can be free to play with the certainty that behind them there is a player ready to break up the opponents' game. Furthermore, Wanyama could also be an excellent resource with regard to insertions, especially those from set pieces such as free kicks and corners.

Wanyama is free on the market, New York City FC can give us a concrete thought.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Sat 26 November 2022 alle 14:00
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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