Luis Suarez could decide to play in the MLS at the end of his contract with FC Barcelona. The Uruguayan striker has revealed what his desire for the future would be. As reported by, Suarez expressed his willingness to play in the MLS at the end of his contract with Barça. First of all, however, Suarez's family will decide what the next Uruguayan striker's challenge will be. The player would like to give more stability to his family, but the MLS is a concrete option, which the Suarez family is seriously considering. Clearly the names of the first teams that could be interested in Suarez have already come out.

Inter Miami is a possibility, as is New York City FC. David Villa is the perfect sponsor for Luis Suarez in choosing the next club to play with, and could direct him to choose New York. We don't know if Suarez will ever wear the New York City FC jersey, but this could certainly happen in the near future.

Sezione: Transfermarkt / Data: Sun 24 November 2019 alle 21:00
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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