Some will say that there's nothing to worry about but we are at least a little bit. Within weeks the mainstay of New York City FC disintegrated. The first to leave New York was Anton Tinnerholm, one of the leaders of the Pigeons locker room. A farewell that had been in the air for some time and that has materialized. In this case we can say that we were ready to say goodbye to him.

A little different speech regarding Maxi Moralez. This was kind of a bolt from the blue. His contract had been extended, we knew he would come home sooner or later but we thought he had planned it for next year. Maxi anticipated the times, he returned to Racing a year early, leaving the fans a little surprised. A very heavy loss for what Maxi represented inside the locker room and on the field, he is the record man of New York City FC and it will not be easy to replace him.

Heber's farewell, however, had not been foreseen. His announcement took everyone by surprise. New York City FC also lost its star striker. The Brazilian had returned from a knee injury in the final part of last season, we believed that the club was aiming for him for the season that is about to start and instead that is not the case. Heber also said goodbye to everyone even though he will stay in MLS.

To the three we also add the departure of Santiago Rodriguez and Nicolas Acevedo. Still uncertain the future of Sean Johnson and Alex Callens who are currently free agents. New York City FC did not in fact renew their contracts and they are now free to sign with any team.

If it's not a dismantling we're close. Fundamental players for the squad have left, players who have made the history of this club that seems to have to start from scratch. It won't be easy, we'll see what kind of market New York wants to make in terms of signings because at the moment we also need experienced players, leaders for a team that, all of a sudden, has lost its backbone.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Sun 01 January 2023 alle 22:58
Autore: nycfc soccernews
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