The serious injury suffered by Heber forces New York City FC to score another striker. Heber is the only natural forward on Ronny Deila's roster. The only player who can play as a central striker is Taty Castellanos, but even that is not his natural role. Moreover, given that the period is not exactly lucky, if Castellanos were also injured, then Deila would no longer have any alternative in attack.

It is therefore evident that New York City FC have to sign a new striker. City needs an experienced striker, not a young player. In recent years, New York's policy has been to rely on young people, but now the Pigeons are in an extreme offensive emergency. Young players are the first resource, but New York City FC now needs a trained and experienced forward. 

But it's not an easy time for the market either. Buying a player in Europe, with the Covid-19 pandemic that forces those arriving from Europe to stay in quarantine for many days, would limit New York a lot. The ideal is therefore to buy an offensive player already present in the MLS.

The certainty is that New York City FC has to do soon. If you want to reach the playoffs you need to sign a striker as soon as possible.

Sezione: Focus / Data: Sab 26 settembre 2020 alle 22:52
Autore: Stefano Bentivogli
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