Sean Johnson on th 0-0 vs DC United: Is a good result

13.03.2019 14:00 of Stefano Bentivogli   Vedi letture
Sean Johnson on th 0-0 vs DC United: Is a good result

“I think for us it’s an improvement from last week. We wanted the three points, but it was a tough game, it was a tough opponent - they’re obviously coming off of a good game. They were in a good period. For us, I think we have to really go back and analyze the game, but I think 0-0 is a good result.”

On battling with D.C. United goalkeeper Bill Hamid…

“Bill and I go way back ‘till when we came into the league in 2010. We’ve been together along the way, so it was good to see him do well as well. I think it was a solid performance, I think it’s necessary when a team needs big moments, I think it’s important we keep teams off the scoreboard.”

On his 1st & 3rd save today…

“They were all different. The first one was holding your ground as long as possible. The third one was tough, you’re moving one way, he tries to go back the other way, just fortunate I was balanced and able to drop my knee and make a save. But important moments of the match that helped us get a result today.”

On getting ready for LAFC next week…

“The games are coming quickly. The beginning of the season you want to continue to get better, almost find this happy place where you can continue getting results and find that first win, hopefully against LAFC. We’ll take the week to prepare and really look to come out next week and build off this performance today.”