Maxi Moralez, the leader of the attacck

10.02.2019 20:00 of Stefano Bentivogli   Vedi letture
Maxi Moralez, the leader of the attacck

Unquestionably, Maxi Moralez lead New York City’s attack in 2018 and will continue to do so in the upcoming season.

Without the Argentine on the field it’s likely the team would begin to look lost. The way Moralez is able to move both with and without the ball, pick out teammates and last an entire 90 minutes makes him not only the best player on NYCFC’s roster at the moment, but the center piece for the team to succeed in 2019.

As the defensive line remaining the same heading into the new season the only part of this City team that needs addressing is its attacking options. Whether it be who will be on the wings or who will be up top, there’s no doubt Maxi Moralez will be in his #10 spot.

Moralez heads into his third season with the Pigeons after contributing an impressive 8 goals and 16 assists in 2018. What makes this one different for the 31 year-old is that he won’t have his partner in crime David Villa ahead of him.

How Maxi Moralez is able to play with the likely new striker in front of him will largely impact the teams results. We’ve seen him succeed with nearly everyone on the current squad, making it easy to believe he’ll do the same with any newcomers.