Ice in the Veins

13.04.2019 14:00 of Stefano Bentivogli   See readings
Ice in the Veins

The opening of Allianz Field is sure to dominate the conversation in the lead-up to kick-off in Minneapolis, with NYCFC utilizing the visitors’ locker room for the first time.

Despite the frigid temperatures expected at kick-off time, NYCFC will be walking into a party atmosphere with the opening of the impressive new 19,400 capacity arena in St Paul.

However, according to Maxime Chanot on the NYCFC side, this isn’t a factor which will affect anyone involved on either team come 5pm on Saturday.

Chanot said: “For us, it’s going to be an away game, so we know it’s always tough. I don’t think it’s going to be a big difference for us and even for them, at this point, we just want to win every game that we play - at home or away.

“I’m not worried at all because I know the quality we have in this group and I’m sure we’re going to switch on the blue button.”

Like Maxime says, NYCFC have to approach this game like any other and keep cool heads to avoid getting swept away with the occasion and ensure we head back to New York with a positive result.