Alex Ring: We deserved more

13.03.2019 15:00 of Stefano Bentivogli   Vedi letture
Alex Ring: We deserved more

Alex Ring spoke in this way after the game against DC United: “I think there’s a reason why they haven’t lost since August. They defend really well. I thought we kept their big players in check. I thought we could have deserved more. But in the end, both keepers played a great game so I think 0-0 in the end is a result you have to live with.” 

How big was Sean Johnson today...

“It’s his job. He’s fantastic. I’ve been playing with him now my third year. I think you can always rely on him. He’s made big stops for us before. But like I’ve said, it’s his job. I think he woke us up a little…our first 15 minutes was too soft. We weren’t in the game. But I think after that, there’s no question of who the better team was for 75 minutes of that game. It was pretty obvious. We just have to, you know, focus on creating more opportunities and then scoring.”