It may be the New York City FC season

26.08.2019 17:24 of Stefano Bentivogli   See readings
It may be the New York City FC season

New York City FC is now projected towards the top of the rankings. By winning their games in hand, New York can make a big leap forward in the standings overtaking Philadelphia Union and Atlanta United. The team is expressing good football and this bodes well. In addition, all the qualities of the players are coming out. Castellanos is in great shape, Maxi Moralez and Johnson are always decisive and Heber never stops scoring. Without neglecting those players who do not often rise to prominence but who nevertheless give their precious contribution like Ring, Tinnerholm and all the others. Overall, New York is proving to be a great team and to be able to play against anyone.

A team that Torrent is managing in the best way. We all feared that the post-Villa would be difficult, and instead New York City FC was able to react well and is now showing great football and great determination.

There is the right climate to do well and even the fans do their part. Especially in the derby, City fans have never stopped supporting the team. An incessant cheer that has charged the team to victory. 

This can really be the good year for New York City FC.