During the preseason retreat, Alex Callens gave an interview on the club's official website: "I have lot of memories about my time in New York City FC. A lot of people have asked me how do I play so much and run so much. My family asks me 'You're almost at 100 games, what do you feel'? And I think that makes me happy because maintaining yourself in this team is very difficult. I think I'm doing things well here and that's what motivates me the most to keep working every day":​​​​​​.

How important will continuity be for the team this year? "I think the continuity of everyone here will help. We're all one team to be able to achieve things like we achieves last year, that wasn't a job done by 11, it was almost 30 people".

How has the relationship with Chanot grown? "It's better every day. We get to know each others better always. We've formed a good duo these past years and I hope it's the same this year. We're the base of the team and if we're good then those up will feel very secure".

What are your first impression of Ronny Deila: "Very good. He's come with an idea and that's what I like. He likes a lot of intensity, pressure and penetration. To achieve success, we'll have to be a team".

Can you tell us a bit more about how the group feels? "The group feels happy, everyone that's arriving is catching our dynamic. We're not just 11. Even the employees are there with us supporting us and that's important".

What makes you most excited about playing in the Champions League? "A lot because it's the first time for our club. It will be very important. You see who the real champions are there. The slightest error will be taken advantage of. That's why we are working hard to have a good tournament".

Is this the year that NYCFC will win its first trophy? "Since I've been here I've always dreamed of that. But I think we've gone step by step. God willing this year we will take the cup, and me and my teammates would be happy of course. But it's still to early to speak about that. First we've got to worry about ourselves and then we can think of that".

How is the relationship with the fans and people of New York grown? "Very good. Since I arrived they've treated me very well. The fans are always there, even if it's cold. Always supporting us and traveling. And the fans grow every day and that motivates us because we don't go out to the pitch alone"

Do you consider youself a leader in the locker room? And how do you help the new guys assimilate into the team?  "I've always considered myself a normal player. Not so much a leader but I do always try to show leadership on the field. That's my form of expressing myself and I'll always do that. When new guys come, I'll show them that so they can also be better. The principle thing is to give the maximum of yourself. For every ball, every second, defend your goal, attack. It's the heart you show on the field. That's what I always try to show".

What are your goals for this 2020 season? "My objectives are to make my 100th appearance. Then we'll see what happens. As far as I'm concerned, I would want to win everything. I wish to win everything. This is difficult but I've got the mentality. We'll see becasue every game is different. Lots of thing happen but the important thing is being together".

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